SOPHIA 1 - Divine Mother Beauty

These are beautiful art creations from Leigh McCloskey (Sophia, Organism and Ascension). I used the Divine Mother energy and the cosmic gongs music from Frits Evelein that we created for the Omnium apps and my movie I AM THE UNIVERSE and infused the geometry of this particular consciousness as well as its universal codes and coordinates within the video so that you may have a direct experience of this consciousness at a universal level. Intend for these codes that are infused in the art, the music and behind the scenes to raise your vibration to the universal level and notice those physical senses and expansive feelings emerge. Enjoy!
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SOPHIA 2 - Divine Mother Beauty


SOPHIA 3 - Divine Mother Beauty


SOPHIA 4 - Divine Mother Beauty


ORGANISM 1 - Universal Consciousness Through Art & Media


ASCENSION 1 - Universal Consciousness Through Art & Media













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