PRIVATE SESSIONS: include Energy Field Clearing; Reversal of Unconscious Blocks; Light / Sound / Geometry Therapy and Calibration; Spiritual Coaching; Mind / Belief System Reprogramming; Trauma Reversal / Release; Phobia & Addiction Release; Energetic Surgery; Pets / Animals Energy Healing and Emotional Balancing; All techniques used are those of the OMnium Method and are performed without the use of instruments, electronics, software or other tools.


PURPOSE: Reestablich the proper functioning of your cells and DNA; Raise your vibration and reprogram your cells with the proper vibrations; Achieve and maintain brain and heart coherence; Discover the root cause for allergies, phobias and addictions; Reestablish the link with Source; Awaken and activate your divine blueprint; Learn to align your physical cells properly and maintain mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic balance.


PROCESS: * When registering for a private session, please indicate the time of day / evening that you prefer, the time zone you live in and the telephone number where you can be reached. * All sessions must be paid for at least 24 hours in advance. We cannot guarantee your session if not paid for in advance. * When selecting a time, please use the following guidelines as much as possible:

  • Use a land line phone, not your cellular phone.
  • Use a headset or speaker phone to free your hands if possible. 
  • Keep away from TV / computer monitors and other electronics.
  • Make sure you have total privacy and allow at least 20mn before you engage in another activity.
  • Have a tape recorder or pen/paper handy to write down important information.
  • Have drinking water available.
  • Be open and allowing!



TO SCHEDULE A PRIVATE SESSION: Please contact  with a brief note about your issue and we will send you the contact information of an OMnium practicioner that is the most appropriate for you.


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