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    Day 1 • Omnium approach to healing, relationship to other teachings, methods • For healing, hallmark of Omnium method is clarity, specificity • Source Energy and your energy field • Meditation: Connecting to source, raising vibration from planetary to universal • The structure and dynamics of your energy field • Human DNA and Divine DNA • Consciousness as physical energy, thoughts as electrical charges that interact with unified field • How we create blocks • How we create blocks (cont.) • Illustration of how blocks accumulate, connect, and reinforce one another through human experience • How we heal by undoing accumulated, misaligned belief systems we have implanted in our consciousness, energy field, and cells • Blocks created by the collective, blocks created carried through from other lifetimes • Healing through universal energy • Human incarnation as occasion to master fears and misaligned belief systems • Universal laws and human agreements • The Healer’s Agreement Day 2 • Discussion on ultimate purpose of healing work (to activate divine DNA), and ultimate manner of healing (simply by presence). • Meditation: Clearing fear of spirit world, reprogramming cells with gratitude and self-love, setting intentions around healing self and others • Healing through feeling as the basis of all methods, how to use and develop emotional guidance system to retrieve information, the three healing agreements • Discussion of healing through perceiving blocks and identifying root cause through feeling • Exercise: Healing client through identifying and clearing feelings and beliefs [JP] • Discussion of how we create to identify what we need to clear • Two more exercises of healing through identifying and clearing feelings and beliefs [Cam and Claire] • Discussion on order of clearing blocks and the role of the client’s narrative Day 3 • The structure of blocks in the body and energy field and how this shapes the method of healing (momentum of blocks; reversing vs. “simply eliminating”) • Healing within universal laws and agreements • Meditation: Aligning physical organs and systems, and the layers of the energy field, and merging with the divine frequency of freedom • Discussion of meditation • Discussion of difficulty with other approaches to energetic healing • Introduction to Surrogate Healing • Exercise: Perceiving energy transmitted by surrogate • Two exercises of surrogate healing [Valerie and Laurence] • Discussion of exercises and surrogate healing method • Surrogate healing through another person • Exercise: surrogate healing with two people at once • Discussion of exercise Day 4 • Long distance healing by creating sacred pathway to client through earth grid • Questions and answers about creating long distance connection, encountering attachments and using Archangel energy, transmuting energy of cells and organs • Exercise: summoning Archangel energy, then long distance healing with family member or friend • Discussion of exercise, cellular reprogramming, and how connecting people to universal energy changes potential of their consciousness • Healing through Intent [this has come up before but not explicitly, with slide] • Seeing and interpreting subtle energy with precision • Interpreting colors, shapes, tones within the energy field and body of a client • Merging with subtle energy patterns to discern root cause of blocks • Why and how we hold onto blocks and interfering with one’s own healing • Exercise: Perceiving and interpreting subtle energy to identify root cause [Jennifer] • Discussion of exercise, role of a client’s free will and beliefs around energetic healing Day 5 * Use of color. Identifying your own feelings with clarity. * Guided meditation: clearing blocks, reprogramming your Earthly work to manifest with clarity. * Visual Spectrum on Earth and beyond (100 octaves of light) and how we perceive what we see. * Frequency entrainment of energy for the purpose of healing * Healing with the human visual frequencies and the proper use of color / light for healing * Practice of perceiving subtle energy, practice feeling and merging to retrieve the root cause (Heidi) * Identifying past lives of client as the root cause of the issue * Connecting family members to Source * Maintaining good spiritual hygiene and practice and moving forward professionally * Q&A on long distance, surrogate healing, attachments and use of learning techniques

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