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    HEALERS PROGRAM I - 2010 - Live Class Audio Files
    NUMBER: ARCHP12010

    Day 1.1:

    Introduction to the course; Caroline’s experience with Source Frequency; What makes the OMnium Method different form other healing modalities: Tapping into Universal Frequencies; Raising Vibration, Aligning Mind Channels; Entrainment; OMnium healing tools.


    Day 1.2:

    GUIDED MEDITATION: Healing own blocks.


    Day 1.3:

    Discussion on the guided meditation. Committing to healing completely.


    Day 1.4:

    What Source frequency is and where Source is; Tapping deliberately into the center of the universe (Source); The Human DNA and Divine DNA; The makeup of the physical cell, organ, body and the makeup of the Divine DNA; The information or encoding contained within the Human DNA / Divine DNA.


    Day 1.5:

    How we created our reality according to belief (placebo effect); How blocks are created; How new information and new beliefs are registered in the physical cells; Blocks are new information and new beliefs added to the physical cells; Retrieving the root cause of an issue through the merging process; The Healers’ Agreement.


    Day 1.6:

    GUIDED MEDITATION: Retrieving the root cause of an issue.


    Day 2.1:

    Alignment of the physical location with the new grid; Unfolding of the healing process; Importance of setting and adjusting the proper healing agreement.


    Day 2.2:

    GUIDED MEDITATION: Experiencing exact frequencies: 500Hz, 734Hz, 1,000 and 1,100 Hz; Connecting with and bringing through the Divine Father / Creator energy; Accepting Divine Father energy within your being.


    Day 2.3:

    Discussion about the guided meditation; Root cause of all blocks: Disconnect from Creator; Experiencing real content and absence of need.


    Day 2.4:

    3 main requirements to align your entire being with Source; Connecting gradually with Source; Role of the Spirit Family in the connection; Practice receiving guidance with a volunteer (issue: macular degeneration); Practice receiving guidance with a volunteer (issue: pain / discomfort in the right leg)


    Day 2.5:

    Explanation of the Asking and Intending process; Relation of emotions with particular organs; Physical organs symbolizing specific issues; Connection of blocks to other blocks; Reversing blocks in the proper order: Client still in charge of the speed of the unfolding of the healing; Overriding the client’s free will


    Day 2.6:

    Practicing with a volunteer (issue: losing my hair); Practicing with a volunteer (issue: cannot get clear guidance to do this healing work)


    Day 2.7:

    Practicing with a volunteer (issue: feelings of competition and comparison with others); Practicing with a volunteer (issue: wanting to run away from this work)


    Day 3.1:

    Evidence of the healing occurring in the class; Interpreting the wrong information; Explanation on the use of color / light in healing.


    Day 3.2:

    GUIDED MEDITATION: experiencing color / light to clear blocks.


    Day 3.3:

    Discussion on the guided meditation.


    Day 3.4

    Explanation on the various uses of surrogate healing; Proper use of surrogate healing.


    Day 3.5:

    Practicing surrogate healing with a volunteer and demonstrating how the surrogate process works. (issue: inability to do this healing work because others do not want me to do this work)


    Day 3.6:

    Practicing surrogate healing with a volunteer (issue: client confused about the issue; feeling lost with no direction in life)


    Day 3.7:

    Practicing surrogate healing with a volunteer (issue: unable to create a healthy with relationship with men)


    Day 3.8:

    Explanation of long-distance healing; How to set up the long distance connection and do the healing work.


    Day 3.9:

    GUIDED MEDITATION: Practicing long-distance healing; Discussion on long-distance healing.


    Day 3.10:

    One-on-one practice of leading a healing session: connection / sacred space / intent / receiving guidance / reversal (intent or color).


    Day 4.1:

    Assignment to practice receiving proper guidance through your daily 3D experience; Evidence of long-distance healing; Explanation on the various forms of attachments (others’ frequencies, thought forms, entities) and release technique.


    Day 4.2:

    GUIDED MEDITATION: to release all attachments and reprogram the mind to discern attachments clearly and cleanse spontaneously.


    Day 4.3:

    Discussion on the guided meditation; Explanation on the various uses of Geometry in healing.


    Day 4.4:

    GUIDED MEDIATION: experiencing various geometric shapes on the physical cells.


    Day 4.5:

    Discussion on the use of geometry. Caroline demonstrates the “live” use of intent, color, geometry at once (Omnium healing method).

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