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    HEALERS PROGRAM II - 2009 - Live Class Audio Files


    DAY 1: 1. Introduction; GUIDED MEDITATION: Zero Point and Mind quieting; Understanding Zero Point at the Creator Source; Creation principles for all life, physical energy, the human cells and organs; Human & Divine DNA and how we alter the information within the cells. 2. Principles of vibrational medicine; GUIDED EXERCISE: finding the zero point of the cell, shifting its vibrational cycle for optimum health and functioning. 3. Understanding the formation of blocks and strings of blocks within the body; distribution of blocks within the cells and organs; balancing the entire energy field.4. GUIDED EXERCISE: Balancing the zero pointof the cells, organs and entire energy field; merging with the Light Body. 5. Discussion on the guided exercise.

    DAY 2: 1. Understanding the Earth's zero point, energetic points, on the surface of the planet, the Earth grid disruptions and blockages; holding the 1,000 Hz vibration to open the grid system of the Earth. 2. GUIDED MEDITATION: Balancing the Earth plane, balancing the Physical Energy field thorugh zero point; aligning Spirit Energy zero point; Aligning Mind Energy zero point; Clearing, balancing the Earth's zero point and energy field; Discussion on the meditation; GUIDED EXERCISE: Connection to Southern France, the Pyrennes, Mount Canigou, clarity on optimal geographical location for our individual configuration and earthly work. Discussion on the meditation. 3. Understanding the proper use of words and language for healing; Holding the energy behind the language; Reprogramming the cellular information through language. Practice of the proper use of words and language for healing (Practice with Betty) 4. Practice of the proper use of words and language for healing (Practice with Jennifer)

    DAY 3: 1. Visual spectrum: Additional octaves; Color / light vibrational healing (size, shades, texture, direction, speed...) 2. GUIDED EXERCISE: Opening the visual spectrum in the brain; Opening one grid channel in the Earth to the galactic core. 3. Discussion on the guided meditation. 4. Discussion on the guided meditation (Cont'd) ; Locating the grid channels that are open on Earth. 5. Practice of color healing (Practice with Jan) 6. Practice of color healing (Practice with Irene). using color healing (with Carolyn) without speaking. 7. Practice on each other. 8. Divine Geometry use and cautions. Practice.

    DAY 4: 1. Divine Geometry & Sound vibrational healing. 2; GUIDED EXERCISE: experiencing and discerning various divine geometry vibrations, color and sound. 3. Discussion on the guided meditation. 4. Healing with all methods combined: intent, color, sound, geometry. 5. Practice with Ann. 6. Divine DNA: Spirit and ind Energy = character and consciousness and how they relate to your earthly work. 7. GUIDED EXERCISE: Spirit and Mind Energy. Finding your divine DNA match with the Earth's grid, your energetic work. 8. Discussion on the guided meditation.

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