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    MASTERING THE HUMAN MIND 2009 - Module 3 - Live Course

    MODULE 3: REMEMBERING WHO YOU REALLY ARE Audio Files for the entire course (over 20 hours) - See details below PREREQUISITE: Module 1 and 2


    DAY 1: Introduction to Module 3.GUIDED MEDITATION: Clearing anxiety, stress, fears about the work. Setting the intent. Mind quieting; Discussion on the guided meditation. Achieving being in the now, being at peace. Telepathic Communication. Using the proper mind channel for telepathic communication.GUIDED EXERCISE: Transferring a number and color telepathically; Discussion on the guided exercise. Mind Mastery work brings up fears about owning our own divinity. Fear about our own powers. How to send a telepathic message to someone on Earth, to a being within the galactic structure, to the Divine Father at Source. GUIDED EXERCISE: Sending a telepathic message to someone on Earth, someone in the galaxy and the Divine Father at Source and receiving a response; Discussion on the guided meditation. Retrieving information through the merging process. Merging with consciousness of a book and retrieving information. Merging with an inanimate object, a table and retrieving information. GUIDED EXERCISE: Merging with the consciousness of the Crop Circles and retrieving information about their origin, purpose and Truth behind their appearance. Discussion on the guided meditation. The making of the "real" crop circle, how is it done and what purpose does it serve. Remote viewing: how does it work and when to use it. using remote viewing responsibly. GUIDED EXERCISE: Remote viewing Greenland ice melting, Rennes-le-Chateau and Esperaza "Holy Grail" search underground. Discussion on the guided exercise

    DAY 2: Dealing with blocks that come up as you master your mind. Accessing truth for yourself transcending humanity's fears and pre-programmed belief systems. GUIDED MEDITATION on self love, self acceptance, accepting love at a deep cellular level.Transcending the human mind so that it no longer interferes with the interpretation of information you receive. Muscle testing (with Hyacintha) which transcends the human analytical mind during a vibrational match exercise. Retrieving the correct information during remote viewing. Automatic writing: how it works, how to prepare, and what purpose does it serve. Instructions on automatic writing exercise. Receiving information and the world of probability; GUIDED EXERCISE: automatic writing. Discussion on the automatic writing exercise. Mind over matter, affecting physical matter through mind / energy healing, levitating a physical object, materializing a physical object. GUIDED EXERCISE: materializing a physical object, levitating a physical object. Discussion on the guided meditation.

    DAY 3: GUIDED MEDITATION: Awakening and materializing the divine dispensation on Earth. Opening the channels from Source to Earth and from Earth to Source. Implanting empowering energy in the Earth, in the physical body. Making our pledge to the Divine Father about our individual mission on Earth.Discussion and explanations on the guided meditation.The various types of intelligent beings in the Local Universe, their various energy, unique role and relationship.Preparing yourself to experience and understand the various types of intelligent beings and recognizing your own soul lineage. GUIDED EXERCISE: Experiencing the various types of intelligent beings in the Local Universe. Discussion and explanation on the guided exercise. Understanding the characteristics (aspects and "principles") of Creator of the Local Universe. Distributing and implanting the Creator principles (Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience, Love, Truth, Beauty Goodness) throughout the universe through the being of the First Divine Son and the Divine Son of the 1st order.

    DAY 4: Explanation on 1,100 beings involved in the Divine Plan and how each being participates. The makeup of the future evolutionary being.GUIDED MEDITATION: Calibrating and opening the grid system within the Earth, then within the Earth plane, Bringing you own individual lineage from Source, expressing your individual energy into the Earth for healing, Opening the pathway for Divine Son energy to come into the Earth plane. Discussion on the guided meditation. Bringing higher information and energy through the process of reflectivity, carrying and embodying. Discerning others' process of reflectivity, carrying, embodying of higher consciousness and other divine beings. GUIDED EXERCISE: Experiencing the being of the Divine Son 3rd order through reflectivity, carrying and embodying. Experiencing your own Spirit Family energy through reflectivity, carrying and embodying. Experiencing carrying the Divine Son's energy. Discussion on the guided exercise. Explanation on the Descending Sons and Ascending order. Experiencing the various Spiritual Teachers of the past and the current ones on the Earth. GUIDED EXERCISE: Experiencing and discerning the energy of the Spiritual Teachers like Abraham, Moses, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus, Dalai Lama, Melchizedek, Caroline. Discussion on the guided exercise.

    DAY 5: Discussion on Mind Expansion. Dealing with the ego / human aspect as we expand our consciousness and spirituality. GUIDED MEDITATION: Implanting the !st Divine Son energy into the Earth grid, into the Earth. Healing and Sealing the earth grid boundary. Recognizing other beings who are helping. Aligning all our mind channels into a geometric structure with Source frequency. Allowing and experiencing the energy of the Universal Father. Programming our cells to remember the frequency of the Unversal Father. Discussion on the guided meditation. Process of implanting the Creator Principles through the 1st Divine Son and subsequent implanting through various incarnations of the Divine Son of the 1st order. The process of implanting divine principles through the Master Jesus. Creating material reality according to the level of the Creator Principles implanted and available. Process of implanting principles for the process of advancing your own consciousness expansion / mastery and also for the process of pushing Creation forward. This is the true process of material evolution. Understanding your individual energetic circuitry that allows you to bring through specific principles and implant these principles in your own unique way into a specific consciousness (human, earth, animal, plant / mineral). This will bring clarity about your 3D work. GUIDED EXERCISE: Experiencing your individual lineage, your unique circuitry and energetic makeup, experiencing the various principles and receiving clarity on the principles you are bringing through into the Earth plane. Receiving clarity on what type of consciousness we are affecting and working with. Clarity on your 3D work. Discussion on the guided exercise.

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