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    MASTERING THE HUMAN MIND 2010 - Module 2 - Live Course

    PRE-REQUISITE: Module 1


    Day 1


    1. (.44) Introduction to Module 2; Mastering the Physical Body and Karmic Debts as the Way of Awakening; How Remembering the Way we are Made Returns us to our Divine Blueprint; Changing our Perception and Experience of our Physical Bodies; Eliminating the Illusions of Physicality, especially of separation; Why We need to Embrace the Experience of Being in Human Form


    2. (1.20) Purpose and Process of Creation of New Species; All Creations as Mathematical Formulas; How Creator creates a new Species’ Form through the Pool of Probability and the Life Architects Translate this Form into the Species’ DNA in which all its Potentiality is Accounted for; How Life Architects Implant the DNA and its Upgrades on a Material Plane like Earth; Role of the Celestial Guardians and other Beings in Species Development; the Relation of this Process to what we call Evolution; Why we go to Melchizedek Universities for Information about Species Creation


    3. (.32) GUIDED MEDITATION: Experiencing the Creation of New Species and Human DNA; Experiencing the Being of a Melchizedek and the Melchizedek University; Learning by Merging with and Becoming Information; How an Initial Species Formula becomes DNA; How Human DNA forms Strands which are Implanted on Earth Plane; How the number of strands have changed over time; Identifying the number of Strands of our own DNA


    4. (.46) Discussion of Meditation; Bringing the Merging Process of Learning to the Earth Plane


    5. (1.20) The Meaning of “As Above, So Below”; How the Physical Energy Portion of Divine DNA provides a Being’s Form and Forms it can take; How Every Form Requires a Particular Formula and how these Formulas allow us to transform both into and out of the Forms; Experiencing our Physical Energy DNA as a Way to Remember Why We Came; The Different kinds of “Hybrid” Species; Why hybrids created on the Earth Plane are Misaligned


    6. (.27) GUIDED MEDITATION: Experiencing Your own Divine DNA and Original Human DNA; the Formulas We Use both to Incarnate and Ascend; Retrieving this Information by Merging with this information from Creator at Source; Experiencing how You were First Created and how it Expands the Consciousness of the Universe; Integrating at the Earth Grid the Formula Required to Incarnate here; Embracing your Human Form and its Continuity with your Original Shape; Programming Cells to Remember this Process and to be here an Instrument of the Divine Father


    7. (.05) Brief Discussion of Meditation



    Day 2


    1. (1.02) Discussion of Day 1’s Meditations: How Doubting Perceptions, Struggling with Yourself, Comparing with Others, and the like, simply Slows You Down; the Difference between Intention and Control; Time to Commit, Give up Fear, Ask for What you Want; Taking Charge of Your Experience; Introduction to the Meditation: the Divinity of Original Human DNA, Releasing Misaligned Perceptions of Human Form, and the Re-experiencing our Birth on Earth


    2. (.29) GUIDED MEDITATION: Aligning the Physical Body with Divine Form and Formula and Experiencing our Divine and Physical Selves as Perfectly Coherent; Experiencing at the Melchizedek University how to Reconfigure our Formula to Appear as other Types of Being and specifically as a Human; Experiencing Arriving with the Formula at the Earth Grid, our Human family; Reconfiguring the Experience of our Birth on the Earth Plane; Implanting, Physical Body as it develops, Frequencies of Fun, Adventure, and Love and the New, Updated, Divine DNA


    3. (1.58) Discussion of Meditation; How Human DNA encode Human Cells to Account for their Environment—Chemically, Electrically, Gravitationally, etc.; the Way Divine Geometry, especially the Divine Ratio, Govern the Structure and Behavior of Cells; How Cells (and all Physical Systems) are Arranged Coherently, According to the Golden Ratio, and are Held Together by Zero Points; How Proper Alignment and Geometry allow Cells to operate in perfect Synchronicity throughout all Existence; Consequences of Creating outside this Harmony


    4. (.10) Introduction to Meditation: Organic Reprogramming our Cells to Function as Originally Designed, according to Divine Geometry, in Divine Proportion


    5. (.41) GUIDED MEDITATION: Restoring our Physical Cells and Systems through Zero Point Calibration and Experiencing the true Divine Geometry of our Physical Form; Healing Discrete Organ by Being its Zero Point and from their adjusting the Chemical Components, Proportions, Spin, and Cycles of its cells; Implanting the Frequency of the Divine Son and all 7 Principles; Recalibration of Physical Body from the Zero Point of Body; Matching the Newly Calibrated Body with the Solar System, Galaxy, and Universe in Perfect Coherence


    6. (.22) Discussion of Meditation


    Day 3


    1. (.58) Q&A: Implantation versus Upgrades of Human DNA on Earth Plane, Transmuting Misaligned Creations on the Earth Plane; Zero Points as the place of Transmutation; What Happens to Zero Points in Misalignment; How Humans have been Conditioned to experience largely what is misaligned; Why it is Time to Choose What you Believe, Time to Get on the Bus


    2. (.41) How Intelligent Design continues from the DNA and Cell to Chemical and Electrical Systems; Role of Hormones (Endocrine System) and Electrical Communication (Nervous System); Organization and Coordination of other Physical Systems; How Material Beings elsewhere have Systems that Correspond to their Purpose and Environments; Healing Injuries, Dysfunctions in these Systems


    3. (.31) How the Human Endocrine, Nervous, and other  Systems Correspond to Earth’s Systems; How Each of us also has Unique Connections to Particular Global Locations; How these Connections can Shift over Time; Why Travel to these Locations may or may not be Necessary; Introduction to Meditation: Recalibrating the Physical Systems of our Bodies and the Earth, Experiencing how the Systems will Change in the Future


    4. (.33) GUIDED MEDITATION: Recalibrating and Updating Our Chemical and Electrical Systems; Implanting new DNA into these Systems; Experiencing the Earth’s Navel, Brain, and Endocrine System; Identifying the Connections between your Unique Configuration and the Earth: Brain, Thyroid, Pituitary Gland, Pancreas, and Liver; Recalibrating the Earth’s Endocrine and Nervous Systems by Matching them to our Own; Aligning them with the Divine Geometry of the Galaxy


    5. (1.06) Discussion of Meditation; How our Work is Related to how We Created our Physical Bodies; Introduction to Meditation: Experiencing how Human Physical Systems work together, the Physical Systems of other Material Beings in Solar System, and Human Physical Systems in Future


    6. (.29) GUIDED MEDITATION: Experiencing the Synchronization of our 12 Physical Systems; Experiencing the Physical Systems of Material Beings in other Dimensional Fields: outside the Venue, on Venus, and on Mars; Experiencing Physical Systems of a Typical Human 225 in the Future; Experiencing that Human’s Surroundings—Clothing, Furnishing, Transportation, Home


    7. (1.02) Discussion of Meditation; the Separation of the Worlds; The Collapse of the Old Grid and Geophysical Events



    Day 4


    1. (1.00) Q&A: the Importance of Accessing the Divine Plan from Point of View of Higher Self and Creator; Trusting our Creator and Ourselves; Faith as Necessary only because the Human Mind cannot grasp the Divine Perspective all at once; How it will become Easier to Grasp this Perspective in Coming Years; Our Work as Choosing the Perspective now and Showing it to Others; the Emotional Guidance System: Making Judgments and Decisions through Feeling, from Authentic Self, instead of through Accumulated Belief Systems based on Fears


    2. (.34) Introduction to Karma and Karmic Debts: How we Choose and Create “debts” to Expand our Consciousness and the Consciousness of Universe; Why we Master Debts over Many Lifetimes in a Karmic Cycle


    3. (1.25) How we Choose similar Experiences in Successive Lives to Integrate our Mastery of them; How we are also Connected to Karmic Cycles of Human Collective, Planet, Galaxy, even Universe; the Non-Linear Process of Clearing our Karma at Different Levels; How our Karmic Cycle is part of the Formula we Create for our entire Human Experience; Introduction to Meditation


    4. (.25) GUIDED MEDITATION: Expediting our Awakening Process through the Process of Karmic Integration; Merging with our Original Consciousness at Source to access the Formula that allows us to complete the Human Cycle in this Lifetime; Tracking the Aspects of our Being as We Travel from Source through the Center of this Galaxy and Arrive at the Earth Plane; Integrating all of our past/parallel aspects, including their experiences and mastery, to experience full Divine Consciousness in this Physical Body


    5. (1.05) Discussion of Meditation: Importance of Understanding Process of Transitioning back to our Original Form; How to Beings confused about how to Transition; Difference between Transitioning and Ascension (the Complete Mastery of the Physical Body)


    6. (.21) GUIDED MEDITATION: Merging with the Divine Father and Integrating this Energy into every particle of our Physical Bodies here on Earth; Programming Ourselves to always Experience our Continuous Connection with Divine Father, however we Change our Physical Form; Experiencing complete Integration in this Shape of our Physical Self, Divine Self, and Creator Energy


    7. (.09) Brief Discussion of Meditation


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