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    MASTERING THE HUMAN MIND 2010 - Live Course - Module 3

    PRE-REQUISITES: Module 1 and 2


    Day 1


    1. (55.17) Introduction to Module 3—Developing Clear, Focused Mind Channels to Create; the Cosmic Mind and Mind Energy; Understanding all Creation as Consciousness and How Mind Energy is the medium of Creation; Goal is to understand how to move and transfer information quickly, efficiently, and accurately; Why We Match our Minds with the Cosmic Mind; Using and bringing to Earth proper forms of Learning


    2. (27.53) GUIDED MEDITATION: Cosmic Mind; its character at source; how it is distributed; the beings uphold Cosmic Mind at the Galactic and Local leves; how are physical brains are an extension of Cosmic Mind; Recalibrating our brains to be coherent with Cosmic Mind; thinking like the Divine Creator


    3. (.20) Discussion of Meditation


    4. (1.26) Improving speed accuracy of receiving information; how aligning zero points in mind allows for instantaneous transfer of information; importance of clearing for effective mind functioning; Question and Answer about the effect of the Earth Grid and Earth changes on mind mastery and transference of information from source into our consciousness here


    5. (.17) GUIDED MEDITATION: Measuring the Mind Energy Coherence of Particular Phenomena—food, languages, forms of mathematics, pieces of music, sports, etc.


    6. (.28) Discussion of Meditation


    7. (.19) Different forms of information transference—light, sound, code, thought clusters; Importance of releasing preconceptions and focusing on the information “behind” the phenomena


    8. (.14) GUIDED MEDITATION: Experiencing different forms of transferring information using particular phenomena—dolphins, Urantia book, The Divine Plan book, etc.


    9. (.36) Discussion of Meditation


    Day 2


    1. (.19) Introduction to visiting different parts of Melchizedek University; How the university works by vibrational fields and consciousness, through merging and reflectivity


    2. (.21) GUIDED MEDITATION: Visiting Areas of Melchizedek University—the Cleansing Chamber, The Measuring and Calibration Hall, Reception Hall, Study Hall


    3. (.43) Discussion of Meditation


    4. (.47) How we create our reality with our consciousness; How we were convinced to accept a certain vibration range as reality; Manifesting in Time and Space on the Earth plane by projecting what we want into the Unified Field; How participating in time and space expands ourselves and the collective; how clearing blocks help us develop our ability to create in the “game” of time and space on the Earth Plane


    5. (1.01) Mechanisms and Laws of Creating with Consciousness on the Earth Plane; Creating a sufficiently fast, precise, and strong signals with our consciousness; how we block those signals consciously and unconsciously; the Creative Formula as reflection of universal law and a method for improving our ability to create; How to use the Creative Formula to locate and clear blocks to creating what you want


    6. (1.01) The Dynamics of Co-Creation, with partners, collectively; necessity to trust our guidance—how doubt weakens our ability to create


    7.  (.47) Introduction to the World of Probability; using it to identify the potential of several different options for a single creation


    Day 3


    1. (1.12) Discussion of Experiences during Day 2; Question and Answer about remaining aligned; Introduction to Mind Quieting—the need for it, how the exercise helps restore the brain of its intended, natural state of relaxed, easy focus, its “default settings”


    2. (.12) GUIDED MEDITATION: Mind Quieting


    3.  (.12) Discussion of Meditation


    4. (1.33) Using the World of Probability in conjunction with the Creative Formula to determine which of several options will be most aligned; How World of Probability acts as a buffer between our consciousness creating and manifesting; Practicing with students


    5. (.30) Addressing thought forms we are no longer using; the benefits of eliminating or working with them consciously; Techniques of Emptying the Trash and Experiencing Alternate Life Paths; the Need to own our own Minds and how addressing dormant thought forms helps develop clear, focused mind channels


    6. (.23) GUIDED MEDITATION: Mind Quieting; Emptying the Trash; Creating with Clarity


    7. (.22) Discussion of Meditation


    Day 4


    1. (.30) Reviewing Tools for Creating via an example (Tim creating Energy Bank); Introduction to Meditation on Exploring Alternate Life Paths


    2. (.29) GUIDED MEDITATION: Exploring Alternate Life Paths


    3. (.36) Discussion of Meditation


    4. (1.01) Dreams as part of our Guidance System and to Pursue Unresolved Thoughts; How they are a space to Create, like the World of Probability; How to Approach Interpreting Dreams and Using them to Create; Example interpretations of students’ Dreams; Question and Answers about future of Dreams, use in other material realities and about the Subconscious Mind;


    5. (.29) Evening Cleanse and Mind Alignment; Question and Answer about Spiritual Hygiene, Free Will, and Control


    6. (.34) Introduction to Automatic Writing


    7. (.29) GUIDED MEDITATION: Visiting other areas in Melchizedek University—Lobby, Silence Room, Stadium, Control Room; Automatic Writing


    8. (.32) Discussion of Meditation and Automatic Writing



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