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    Can you please briefly review the steps we should take BEFORE a helaling session with someone? What amount of PREPARATION is correct?

    Once on an online healing session a specific block (like let us say financial abundance) has been cleared from the COLLECTIVE consciousness how does it impact an individual? Does it depend? Let us say if now a client comes and wants to work on his block with financial abundance do we still need to get their root cause?

    I was using the “ask and intend” method with a client when suddenly the belief system and/or ENERGYwe were working on JUMPED off my client like a flea and headed toward me rather aggressively (or so it seemed).  I was able to act quickly and zap it with the very new color technique.  The energy blew apart.  My client and I both felt it, jumped a bit and stopped the session momentarily to discuss it.  What happened?  Comments, please.

    Could you again remind us on how to work with ZERO POINT alignment when you focus only on the cells which are not aligned (and you create a little vortex)? Thanks

    After Florida healing module and Module 2 some of my clients have felt headaches or PRESSURE IN THEIR HEAD even before I begin a session or teaching.  Then it subsides in a few minutes . Why?

    Instead of placing the MODALITES like geometric sound or color on a client I see so much of this going on on the client so I feel I am in for the ride of healing. It just happens when I tune in. is this normal?

    If I start to cry because I am RELEASING SADNESS, do I need to stop and do a connection first before I further  release the feeling? also, with children, if they are releasing their sadness , do I need to stop them and do a connection with them before I help them release the negative feeling?

    Some of clients I have had seem to be constantly attracting ENTITIES. I´ve summoned for the help of archangel Michael like we learnt at healing 1 and it seems to work temporarily but the next session I can again see entities in their EF. What could this be about and how can I help these clients?

    I’m wondering about recurring issues—that I have believed to be healed and then come to find out that that hasn’t been the case.  Specifically, I am dealing with my own health issue that is very old (30 years) it has shown signs of healing, and then other instances of deterioration.  Throughout all of this time I have been confronted time and time again with other people and doctors belief systems going against my belief about letting my body healing itself with the help of Source. 

    My questions

    1) How to do with trusting in this method when believing that a healing has occurred and then finding out that the HEALING IS NOT COMPLETE?

    2) Sometimes is it time to let go of trying to heal this issue through the Omnium method and that perhaps letting go of the issue through CONVENTIONAL MEDICINEmay be aligned with my highest good?

    How do I find out information , accurate information on "THE REBELLION" that occurred when the manipulation of the Earth Grid 237,000 years ago happened.

    Can we use the "NEW BIRTH" method you used in Module 2 and in recent sessions where we are at Source and bring Purple Source energy with us at birth and through each of the years of our life?  I did and it was a powerful way to implant Source into this whole incarnation.

    In relation to my previous question:  how does this method work with cells that "are no longer alive" as in a ROOT-CANALed tooth?

    This is just during the day when i feel RANDOM SADNESS-i have not done a connection except hours ago when i woke up

    Can an attachment or INTERFERENCE that persist be the  result of environmental vibrational response of old system of beliefs  where we are located ?

    When you are healing yourself or when you are healing another person, does the healing always have an IMPACT THE COLLECTIVE consciousness and heal it too? Or do we have to intentionally address the collective?

    THE REBELLION, I believe is significant in my own healing and awakening. I feel like I was there: Hence. my contract feels like I'm dealing with Dark Energy presently here on the Earth Plan to master. I believe how I dealt with it in the past did not work, but only served me in expanding my consciousness, yet never reached mastery because of my inability to embrace all that there is from a Source perspective.Does that make sense?

    When you sense that a client is from a DIFFERENT UNIVERSE, is there anything different that should be done in terms of connecting to Divine Father and Divine Mother?

    When sharing a work space (for healing practice) with others. How can I clear and CLEANSE THE SPACE before the client arrives for a  healing session?

    I have a friend awaiting a LUNG TRANSPLANT (because of cystic fibrosis).  What can be done for the new lungs to ease the incorporation of the new lungs into her body? 

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    I was dreaming that I was listening to one of your meditations and following what you said and as I was repeating the words about bringing the energy of Creator into my body, I heard a voice  replacing the word Creator with a different word .  At that moment, I realized I was very far away from my body so I rushed back really quickly to my body.  Is this an example of interference?

    I was clearing a block with a client through « Ask adn Intend » but the client felt very bad after that as if I had abused her and tried to change something fundamental within her, so my question is:  ‘when we do this work, is it possible to affect a client in a negative way, the person’s essence, contract or DNA?

    How does medicine affect the healings?  In case the healer or the client uses some medications, do they lower the vibrations and does the healing energy bypass the effect of the medicine?

    If we are pulled towards healing work but something seems to be either giving much doubts in ourselves or distracting us greatly, is that just a sign of much more clearings needed or is it more to do with past life traumas or persecutions related for speaking the truth, having to do with trust of ourself?

    Is there a difference between wrapping your energy field around something or someone and merging with it, opening your energy field and merging with it?

    When connecting with a client over the phone, I haven’t done the whole procedure of doing the tunnel and connecting with their spirit self, so how am I sensing?  Am I just using my spirit self to connect to their spirit self?  How am I feeling because I didn’t do the whole tunnel procedure?

    I’m having a problem with starting the healing work as well , even to practice this, I am scared to even practice.  Do I need to ask for help  to clear this issue?

    When I work with a light for a client, should I simply follow the guidance or is it up to me to take a decision on what to do?

    A friend of mine has severe MS.  I do feel I could assist her, but she is not opened yet for this kind of healing.  Is it possible to still work with her long distance to assist her releasing what can be released without her consciously knowing?

    What can happen if the sentences  you make them repeat is not correct?

    Is it OK to say:  ‘I ask and intend to release this feeling...’ if I cannot identify the feeling?

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    How do I implant positive, high vibration energy into dead or low vibration, inanimate things to uplift my environment? Regarding the distant healing: Can you also invite the persons's energy into your physical space instead of travelling to their space via the "light channel"?

    When you have an issue with your subconcius mind, does that means that you are not aware of it..?

    Regarding the healing of a pregnant woman: How do you look at the woman's and the baby's energies? As two separate energy fields or as one field? Do humans have Spirit Families to work with?

    Who or what comprises these families? i am stuck with a problem in my left knee, but conciusly i don't think i have a problem with my sisters... As a healer, what do you feel/see/hear when the patient releases a block? I feel but not see particles leaving the body!?

    How can we guide correctly our kids when they are still growing in the system..?

    After giving a healing, is it necessary to separate your own energy consciously from the client's energy? (To clean your own field) How to give a healing to a relationship (two persons at the same time)?

    Can you say more about doing long distance or surrogate healing, specifically about asking permission. I found sometimes the person was open and other times not. sometimes the white tunnel felt grey and blocked. Working with a person in ICU and in a coma. When a past life came up in a session as the root cause of a block, the client later said she didn't want another session because she didn't beleive in past lives, even tho she felt a huge shift at the time. Would this have been shown if she was not ready to face it?Did I not present it correctly?

    I have experienced knowing that there can be complete healing and yet seeing it won't happen for the individual for the situation. This was a horse. I know thru your method I was doing this correctly. But then I knew after that the situation was going to be ignored by the owners...seemed it needed to be assisted by the owner and the horses part too. My disappointment seems to block me..feeling like I want to "heal" the animal but it may simply not happen. I know they too have their journey..but it is hard. Bianca was abducted, has legions of entities, is not able to be without entities since she is involved with the suppression of 250 thousand years... How to remain clear and without entities in my own energy field as I work with her. And what is the reason that I attract such a client. Concerning using sound and tone. When I use a tone that is intended in my mind to clean a room I notice that it works. I do use it to get rid of attachments but it does not work always. What should I do to make it stronger?

    Can you say more about working with suicide: those left behind with their grief and confusion? and those contemplating suicide?

    Until i am ready for you to listen to my work with clearing someone, is it ok for me to practice on others? This is how i improve-right? Is it ok for me to accept money for this now or do i need to wait until i get the ok from you?

    Are all of your sickness a creation of your mind..?

    Although I wrote in my contract that I would work only one hour with clients, it has happened that session last one hour and a half, is it ok? What can happen if it is too long for the client?

    I was working with a woman who was a "walk in" and had a hip replacement which was taking forever to heal. I saw that who she is energetically and even on a cellular basis was of a much higher vibration than the titanium, energetically crude new hip which she seemed to be rejecting. I tried uniting the hip and her energy field as well as raising the energy of the fake hip. Didn't do much. Any thought to help?

    When you are daily and constantly clearing your space and asking for guidance and assistance in a particular circumstance and it all comes so wrong, should you trust this was the best outcome, i have felt sometimes angry or abandoned by my spirit family... When a healing goes global does client always need to expand out around the globe or just when guidance shows this?

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