CAROLINE CORY is a futurist, filmmaker, international speaker and visionary author of best-selling books on Consciousness and Quantum Healing. As a child and throughout her life, Caroline has always been deeply connected to spiritual topics, the study of Consciousness, mechanics of the universe and the discovery of the divine. Her love for music and the performing arts however leads her career into the live events industry. In the 1990’s, Caroline works as Creative Director and Producer of many large-scale international sporting and musical events for worldwide audiences.


In 2003, Caroline shifts her focus back to her all-time passion and true calling: Merging media,entertainment and the arts with spirituality, quantum healing and higher consciousness. In 2010, Caroline founded Omnium Media, which is a new style of experiential immersive entertainment for planetarium audiences, that heighten the sensory perception of the viewer and allows for profound expansive experiences.


In 2012, Caroline writes, directs and produces a short film and her first animated feature film, I AM THE UNIVERSE. She also has written several feature and TV pilot screenplays. Her latest accomplishments include writing, directing and producing a feature-length documentary called GODS AMONG US. In addition to writing and producing, Caroline has appeared as a guest expert in numerous live and television shows on Supernatural Phenomena including seasons 9 and 10 of History Channel's popular series ANCIENT ALIENS.



ommedia_caroline_photo.jpgCAROLINE CORY

Creative Director
Executive Producer




Our mission is to create a new style of entertainment: one that is representative of a new paradigm generation of humans, which is spiritually evolved, altruistic and loving.

  • Create a new “experiential” format for cinema viewing: one that involves the entire brain in the absorption of energetic data in the form of images (see technical details below). This new style is called "Experiential EntertainmentTM" and "Experiential CinemaTM"
  • OMnium's experiential films and presentations are fit for cinema, TV as well as 360-domes with surround vision - surround sound capabilities
  • Teach in a subtle manner important and relevant principles for a new life on Earth: one that is based on Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness.
  • Support a deep spiritual transformation: one that would occur in an organic, fun and entertaining manner through the recognition of universal consciousness and principles.
  • Facilitate a merging of the audiences by creating a new experiential medium: one that would appeal to everyone regardless of age, sex, culture etc.


* SPIRITUALITY: Connection to our true inner essence – who we really are; Connection to the planet, the environment and others on the planet; Connection to universal consciousness; Connection to Creator Consciousness; Summon higher principles into our 3D life: Love, Truth, Beauty, Goodness
* CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION: Experiencing worlds beyond the planetary for the purpose of higher understanding of intelligent life, reality and creation; Stretching the mind for the purpose of creating a new vision on Earth
* HEALING: Higher vibrations heal spontaneously most imbalances; Continuous experience of higher vibrations allow you to maintain balance and wellbeing and live a disease-free physical life
* MIND DISCIPLINE & FOCUS: Experiencing mind quieting through zero point techniques for the purpose of inner peace, inner balance and overall wellbeing. These exercises and experiences allow you also to master your guidance system and better retrieve information from your higher consciousness - the aspect of your being that is universal and permanently connected to Source



* Use specific frequencies (734-1,100 Hz) that raise the vibration of the cells and energy field in the form of sound, light / color (images), geometry (images) etc.

* Create a vibrational match between the image / sound / voice and the frequency of the audience so the information on the screen engages and is experienced by the full 100% brain and not only through the 10% cognitive areas of the brain.

* Engage and balance the emotional system so that it becomes vibrationally coherent with that of the heart and brain waves

* Create an alignment and vibrational coherence between the human mind channels and the universal frequencies based on quatum mechanics principles

* Create perfect stillness through zero point entrainment 



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