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    BLINDFOLD CLASSES FOR KIDS ages 4 - 14 (Group 2)


    This is a 4-part online series. We meet 1 hour per week. This technique will train your child to perceive, read and perform various tasks blindfolded while enhancing their intuitive abilities and self -confidence. Vision and reading skills may also improve during this work. Please note, in order to improve the efficacy of this method, you will also need to practice on your own between classes. Please review this video for the materials you need prior to the class start BLINDFOLD MATERIALSPLEASE NOTE: This class is for children. Parents can be present to assist but may not attend the class instead of the child. 

    This technique helps with the following:

    • Improved confidence in their daily life and undiscovered talents.
    • Ability to read and navigate with the blindfolds.
    • Activate your child's intuitive abilities
    • Increased creative abilities.
    • Better concentration and focus.
    • Visualization skills
    • Reduced need to wear glasses.

    YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Bohdan was trained by the founders of InfoVision (Michaela Istrati and Mark Komissarov). He brings his experience of helping activate over 75 children including his daughter.

    Watch some amazing Kids in this video: SUPERHUMAN FILM

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