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    HEALERS PROGRAM II 2010 - FRANCE - Live Class Audio Files


    Taking responsibility in doing Energy Healing work; Introduction to the course; Conveying the energy behind your words, your intent, light, sound or geometry;  Using Intent, Light (Galactic 1200,1800, 0-Universal), Sound (Galactic R,V,Q , 0-Universal), Geometry (multi-dimensionality, movements / speed) (1:09:31)



    GUIDED EXERCISE: Discerning the words from the energy behind the words, light, sound; Experiencing Galactic 1200, 1800, 0-Universal; Galactic R,V,Q, 0-Universal) and Multi-dimensional Geometry. Sharing the experiences the participants had during the guided exercise. (40.38)



    Practicing Light, Sound, Geometry on Client 1 (Issue: Not wanting to feel; Feeling helpless about helping people in their suffering). Practicing with Client 2 (Issue: Cataract / Fear of seeing / accepting who you really are)  (1:28:16)



    Explanation of Vibrational Entrainment; GUIDED EXERCISE: Experiencing Vibrational Entrainment on yourself. Sharing the experiences the participants had during the exercise; Practicing Vibrational Entrainment on a Client 1 (Issue: Physical pain the neck / confusion about who you are and what you are doing here) (1:12:22)



    Review of Galactic Light / Sound Frequencies; GUIDED EXERCISE: Experiencing clearly 1200, 1800, 0-Universal, R,V,H,Q, 0-Universal Sound, 6-dimensional Planetary geometry, 64-dimensional Galactic geometry, 178,000-dimensional universal geometry, 0-Universal geometry; Discussion on the guided meditation. (1:17:48); Explanation of Zero Point Regeneration



    GUIDED EXERCISE: Experiencing healing through Zero Point Regeneration; Discussion on the guided exercise; Practicing with a client (Issue: fear of speaking) using Zero Point Regeneration for healing; Discussion on healing all our blocks permanently; Explanation of Zero Point Alignment. (1:15:34)



    GUIDED EXERCISE: Experiencing Zero Point Alignment for a cell and an organ; Discussion on the guided exercise; Practicing with a client (Issue: Confusion about moving forward in my life and life’s purpose); Aligning the entire energy field through Zero Point Alignment; Experiencing Caroline’s ankle to experience Zero Point alignment in a physical body; Maintaining in physical form with perfectly aligned Zero Point (55:52)



    Clearing the block of being distracted from our true life’s purpose using Zero Point Regeneration, then ZP Alignment, then aligning the entire energy field at once; Discussion on the guided meditation; Explanation of Zero Point Spinning; GUIDED MEDITATION: Dissolving a block using ZP techniques without going into the cells; Clearing and aligning the entire energy field, Achieving ZP alignment of the entire body with the Universal blueprint (1:15:20)



    Sharing Experiences on the guided meditations; Explanation of these healing techniques that use the laws of Creation to undo the blocks; Dangers of clearing all the blocks all at once; Explanation of the Universal Calibration technique; GUIDED MEDITATION: Experiencing Universal Calibration (1:14:16)



    Discussion on the Universal Calibration meditation; Practicing with a client (Issue: Unable to trust my own powers); Practicing with a client (Issue: Terror to speak my truth / past life to time of Jesus) (1:25:42)



    Explanation on the Grid Calibration technique; GUIDED EXERCISE: Experiencing Grid Calibration; Practicing with a client (Issue: Neuropathy / Resistance to the physical form); Explanation on DNA Reconfiguration; GUIDED EXERCISE: Reconfiguring your DNA (1:40:20)

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