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    This one-year program is a mastery course in Self-Realization, Consciousness Expansion and Energy Work. This course is designed for individuals who are committed to achieving consciousness and spiritual transformation, pursuing energy work at the highest level, awakening their divinity and fully mastering the human condition.
    This training is based on the OMnium EXPERIENTIAL learning method. This means you will hear the information first and will then experience it on a cellular level. For example, you will not only hear about the cosmic structure of your planetary system or your DNA but you will feel  this information, will experience it fully within your body and your cells and will then become this information. That is a big difference!
    Caroline has mastered this experiential methodology not only through her own direct experiences but also through years of practice and sustaining a particular brain and cellular vibration and alignment. She will be sharing with you this mechanism and the tools for achieving the appropriate consciousness expansion that allows you to sustain a true and full experience for yourself and for others. This process also allows you to switch from 10% to 100% brain functioning, from linear to multi-dimensional being and thinking. Therefore, this process and mechanism become the ultimate form of awakening and enlightenment since you begin to utilize your own inner ability of retrieving universal information that is now embedded within your cells. You will BECOME THE UNIVERSE and will simply begin to consciously emanate this knowledge through your being - as a true divine master in human form should.

    The introductory "Class 1" is offered free of charge. See link in Module 1.



    In order to fully benefit from this class, it is highly recommended that you:

    1.    Read the 3 books listed under "Books & CDs"

    2.    Do the “Connecting To Source” meditation daily - available online free of charge

    3.    Do a few cellular reprogramming sessions from the Healing Center’s Library



    All classes are available in audio .MP3 format. Most classes have multiple audio files + a .PDF document of the class material



    1. This one-year program is comprised of 48 classes spread over one calendar year. Each segment has been re-edited from a previously recorded live class. The entire course program can be downloaded in Class 1 below

    2. Classes are displayed in a chronological order. We highly recommend that you take the classes in the displayed order

    3. Select each class and proceed to checkout. The clas will be uploaded in your account.

    4. Each class is intended for up to 2 individuals sharing the same household

    5. You may start, stop and resume the course at any time

    6. You may purchase as many classes as you wish at one time and study each class at your own pace and leisure

    7. There will be an occasional live support session with Caroline Cory in which you will be able to ask questions and share comments with your teacher and other class participants. When scheduled, this live session will be displayed on the Calendar page.

    8. Once you complete module 1, you will have access to the student forum and online chat to share your experiences, comments and / or ask questions.



    A certificate of completion is offered to those who have purchased and completed the entire course curriculum. Each module is equivalent to 40 CE NCBTMB units or 160 CE NCBTMB units for the entire course.

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