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    MASTERING THE HUMAN MIND 2009 - Module 1 - Live Course

    MODULE 1: Finding Your Spiritual Connection & Remembering Your Pre-Natal Contract AUDIO FILES FOR THIS ENTIRE COURSE (over 20 hours) - See Course Details Below


    Day 1: Introductions and overview of the course; understanding "Mind Mastery"; the process of awakening and expectations; experience vs. knowledge; Setting the intent for the course and the awakening work; the creation process; organization of the universes; the Creator-Source; universal mind-spirit-physical; Divine Father, Mother, Son; the Local Universe; which "Source" do you connect to? traveling between universes; Local Universe organization; galactic and planetary systems; GUIDED EXERCISE-MEDITATION to experience Source at different levels and different locations; Feedback from the guided meditation; understanding the earth grid; pentagonal / hexagonal grids; brief history; 3 different grids within the grid; repairing the earth grid.

    DAY 2: Earth grid (cont'd); communication / transport / time & space grids; human brain and the earth grid; nature of reality and dimensions; GUIDED MEDITATION to experience the pentagon in the energy field and the earth grid; communication / transport / time & space; experiencing the hexagonal energy filed; vertices / faces of the energy field; hexagonal grid of the earth; the 4th dimension; the 11th dimension; Mind Energy / Spirit Energy / Physical Energy; nature, characteristics and purpose; distribution within the universe. GUIDED EXERCISE-MEDITATION to experience the 3 forms of energy distribution in the cosmos and within the human body; rebalancing of the 3 forms of energy within the body; Parallel aspects / past lives; departicularization process; karmic cycle. GUIDED EXERCISE-MEDITATION to experience parallel aspects and past lives.

    DAY 3: Understanding human incarnation; projecting consciousness vs. teleportation; experiencing dimensional fields vs. experiencing parallel universes; world of probability; the physical agreement; chemical, electrical, memory collapse, time/space; GUIDED EXERCISE-MEDITATION to experience one parallel aspect, retrieving information about the earth agreements; feedback from the guided mediation; Time travel: GUIDED EXERCISE-MEDITATION to experience time travel to Atlantis and the time of Christ 2,000 years ago. (Poor sound quality at times); Feedback on the time travel guided meditation: Atlantis & the time of Christ; GUIDED EXERCISE-MEDITATION on forward time travel: last quarter of 2009 and first quarter of 2010 regarding geophysical events and the state of the banking system; time travel to 2020; Feedback on time travel guided meditation. SE England, UK, Ireland, California, East Coast of the US, Toronto, Canada and Nova Scotia.

    DAY 4: Different types of intelligent beings as created at Source and their implanting into respective "homes"; the Spirit Family; Evolutionary beings, star beings, galactic light beings, universal messengers, universal teachers Melchizedeks etc.); Spirit Family and working with a type of being different than your own; Role of the Spirit Family; GUIDED EXERCISE-MEDITATION on merging process with the Spirit Family; connecting and communicating with the Spirit Family on earth, galaxy, universe.; Feedback on Spirit Family guided meditation.

    DAY 5: Helpful hints regarding continuing the work and sustaining the energy; manifesting instantly vs. breaking the physical laws and agreements; money, gambling, the stock market and influencing others' free will; The pre-natal agreement perception and expectations; Caroline shares some personal experiences regarding her own "initiation" and awakening process; Being vs. doing, manifesting work and manifesting the pre-natal contract; GUIDED EXERCISE-MEDITATION to release the fear of love, being loved, fear of Creator; allowing love into our being at a cellular level; Writing the pre-natal agreement; aligning our energy field with the universal energy; achieving zero point; coherence of the brain waves and energy field with the energy field of the universe. GUIDED EXERCISE-MEDITATION to experience zero point; Feedback on the zero point guided meditation; merging our brain with Source; writing the pre-natal agreement; surfacing of the blocks; reprogramming our beliefs that prevent us from birthing our true essence and manifest our pre-natal contract.

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