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    MASTERING THE HUMAN MIND 2009 - Module 2 - Live Course



    DAY 1: Understanding the makeup of the Divine DNA (Mind, Spirit, Physical Energy). Transumuting Your own human DNA; Creation of the human DNA, number of DNA strands, number of chromosomes; GUIDED EXERCISE; Experiencing your human DNA, number of chromosomes, Divine DNA, time travel to the first human DNA creation, identifying its original formula. * Poor Audio; Feedback on the guided meditation, on the number of chromosomes and DNA; Understanding physical creation and the divine flow; How we alter our DNA negatively and we create a form of energy that is not recognized by the divine intelligence of the universe; Feedback on the orginal human DNA at the time of creation; Properties of physical energy (divine geometry, fractality, propotional ratios); Understaning the flower of life as the base of physical life; Correlation of the human body and physical organs / systems with the planet and planetary system; GUIDED EXERCISE: Experiencing the physicla body systems (digestive, circulatory, respiratory, endorcrine etc) and their individual connection and relationship with the Earth's system of specific location: Clearing of these various systems; Feedback on the guided exercise

    DAY 2: How understanding /experiencing your DNA makeup helps in your day to day 2D relaity and awakening process; Creating in the 3D reality vs spirit form; GUIDED EXERCISE / MEDITATION on realtionships, human relations, relationship with self, receiving and accepting love on a deep cellular level; Feedback from the meditation; Understanding the neuro-endorcine system; Understanding the emotional system as your guidance system; Understanding how blocks are really formed in the cells and our nervous system; Process of healing; Process of reversiing the emotional blocks; Recognizing emotional triggers; Leading one participant through the reversal process; Leading the class through the reversal process; Wrapping up the emotional block reversal; final notes of the day

    DAY 3: Undoing our blocks & the role of the healers; Setiing new intent for the "undone" block; GUIDED EXERCISE / MEDITATION: Clearing the energy field through zero point; recalibrating the enrgy filed: merging with the Divine DNA; Reawakening the Divine DNA on a deep cellular level; Feedback on the meditation: dissolving into our higher consciousness; Understanding the various levels of karmic debt: individual incarnation; past / parallel lives; collective consciousness; galactic consciousness; universal consciousness; Preparing for the guided exercise / meditation; GUIDED EXERCISE: Experiencing your own karmic debt process, where you are at the moment in yourkarmic debt mastery on all levels (individual, past / parallel, planetary, galactic, universal; Feedback on the karmic debts exercise; Defining Englightenment, Self-realization, Ascension and manifesting the Light Body; Understanding physical birth and physical death; where do you go between lives; GUIDED EXERCISE: Experiencing the first human DNA as it was originally created, time travel to 1 million years ago and observing the DNA changes; time travel to 150,000 ago then to 2,000 years ago, observing the DNA changes; experiencing the healing energy of the human Christ; time travel to 2020 and observing the future DNA on earth; Feedback on the guided meditation

    DAY 4: Clearing karmic debts (cont'd) hospice work; Getting clearer guidance when our feelings are confused; How our brain behaves; aligning our minds properly to create our reality; The mind creates through belief; the nature of reality, what is accepted as real / not real; creating your own reality; is there one Truth (capital T) or only our own individual truths; How your thought travels through the grid and transforms into a thought form that materializes in the 3D reality; the conditions needed for a thought to materialize; Using the creative formula to understand why we don't materialize our desires and using the formula to create and manifest our desires; GUIDED EXERCISE: experiencing the movement of energy behind the words "ask" "intend" "want" "ask and intend"; How specific do you need to be when "askin and intending", understanding "surrender" in the creative formula; Practicing the creative formula to have clarity on why we cannot manifest our desires; Feedback on practicing the creative formula; Creating in alignment with everyone's highest good; Reversing the blocks in your creative formula; Surrender in the creative formula; After reversing the blocks, reformulating the creative formula to create anew; The energy field alignes perfectly when the creative formula aligns; GUIDED MEDITATION: making your newly aligned creative formula a reality, grounding the energy and letting go of expectations

    DAY 5: Understanding the configuration and properties of the Mind Energy channels and how you are connected from Earth to the galactic center and the universal core; mind discernment, clarity, focus, speed, quieting and efficiency; achieving mind coherence; GUIDED EXERCISE: Mind quieting, mind stillness, aligning the mind channels; Feedback on the guided meditation; Proper body position for the mind quieting exercise; Effects of pharmaceuticals, drugs, cell phone and your beliefs on the brain cells; Understanding the World of Probability: how it works and what it serves; how to use the world of probability for guidance and to create faster, more efficiently and with more focus; GUIDED EXERCISE: Exploring the World of Probability to achive clarity on what we are creating and how to create it properly; Feedback on the guided exercise

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