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    Caroline Cory provides answers to the following questions based on her books and the class "Mastering The Human Mind" What is the difference between SPIRIT FAMILY and the ASSEMBLY? Can you talk about the FIRST TEMPLE? Why am I not motivated to be connected all the time? What is the relationship between ZERO POINT and MIND QUIETING? Can you talk about THE 1100? Is the NEW GOVERNMENT already here, how long will it take to manifest in 3D? How do I connect to others who have a lower vibration? Is it important to move to a new geographical location for the next few years? Must my 3D work match my DIVINE WORK? Why is the Earth located at the edge of the universe? How can disrupted regions survive without a connection to Source? The LIGHT BODY: what is it, how does it work, why do we need it? Can you be part of THE 1100 and have parallel aspects? What does it mean if I am getting guidance on the NEW GOVERNMENT? Is it OK to do meditations with the EARTH GRID?

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    This support session is for those who read Caroline Cory's books and attended Mastering The Human Mind classes. Caroline will answer questions on all topics contained in her books and classes. Can you please explain more about the SEA OF GLASS and how it works; is there a Sea of Glass on Earth as well as in this Universe? Does it exist in 3D as well as the etheric? In reading thru your green book, the section on GEOMAGNETIC CHANGES, you talk about a variety of effects caused by solar flares. As I read thru your description of the earth changes, I couldn’t help but wonder, how does any life survive these significant alterations of the earth? I s this the time that one must ascend to survive? Will most humans/plants/animals cease to exist as we know then? So many of the 1100 remember being in human form around JESUS TIME. Were we all there then? How did Jesus plant DC/DF energy into the earth? Since the Sea of Glass is Communication, where/how does the AKASHIC LIBRARY come into play? During our first support session you mentioned that there are HUMANS ON OTHER they look like humans here, on the earth? Can you explain more about how the "3 INCARNATED DIVINE SONS will form a cohesive body on the earth plane that will utilize the same body for 300 years"..... In the recent Module 3 class, we did several group meditations that lead us to understand that we were at the new “HEADQUARTERS" ON EARTH. Are there other locations on Earth that have significant roles to play? Can you describe one or two, where they are located and what their purpose is? In a recent session (Anger 2/9/10) we worked with earth and Source. Is this the new earth you refer to on page 128 of the Red book where you talk about “a NEW EARTH, which already exists through the veils of this very planet.” Please talk about the change of earth’s alignment to Source. When HUMANS PRAY (no matter which religion) are they praying to DC of the local universe, central universe or creator-source? Your MEDITATIONS for Januray and February have been very powerful and wonderful. It is as if we are being guided to hurry up? Is this a correct perception? I am excited and curious all at once and thank you for these great experiences. Can you talk more aboiut the DIVINE MOTHER being "carried by one primary body in human form, and also reflected, carried and represented by 3 other main beings with similar capabilities" does this work, and how does this energy manifest in 3D? Many of us have 'discovered' YOU AND YOUR TEACHINGS quite naturally. Others have been shown your work and have chosen not to go deeper. Is it a good idea to teel people about your work actively or should we just leave it to have more subtly? I very much want to help people utilize your tools. If one begins, at certain moments, to feel a SIGNIFICANT CONNECTION WITH CREATOR, like there is no separation and almost a merging, a oneness, is this part of the awakening process or simply delusions of grandeur?

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    A week or so ago, it felt like there was a huge GLOBAL ENERGY buildup, like it was about to "blow", but then it felt like some pressure had been released and it was calmer. Can you comment on global energetics now and in the near future? You have recommended that we do a monthly ENDOCRINE CLEANSE and keep up with our mind quieting too. For the cleanse, shall we use your recordings? What is the difference between CHRIST ENERGY and Creator Energy? And what is the difference between Christ and Jesus? Who created the DIVINE PLAN? And is the dispensation and the Divine plan the same thing, or is one included in the other? What is the CREATOR ORDER? What does it mean, and who are these beings and what do they do? Can you please say more about the subtitle of God Among Us: Inside the MIND of the Divine Masters.  The MIND is singular.  Can you talk about Universal Mind of Creator, spirit family "mind" and my human mind and the process of awakening to this one MIND. When discussing the meaning of awakening last week you took Kim as an example and you said that we are MULTIDIMENSIONAL. You said that there were 10 for example aspects of Kim- I do not understand what you meant by this. I understood that Kim may have mastered 'money' for example but not 'anger' and therefore, we may experience days when we feel down and are faced with a new issue. But I see it as part of your personality rather than 'different' me...please explain. I cannot feel and see the difference between the energy of JESUS and the DIVINE SON. is it the same, hence my confusion? Are all divine sons of this universe, all Masters? I believe that part of my development is to help other people discover this work. I have a friend who has asked to learn more and a couple others who have expressed interest. Which of YOUR BOOKS should I give them to begin reading? They have all done connecting to source with me. Book 2012 Glossary : You gave a description of the "FEMININE Energy" What kind of energy is it ? Is there also "MASCULINE Energy" ? In your book you mentioned CONNECTING TELEPATHICALLY with Mu in South Africa. Are there other key beings helping to coordinate the Divine Plan located in other cultures/areas of the world such as Africa or Russia? If so, can you comment on them and how their work differs from what we are familiar with and what we are doing? When is DOMINION DAY? Will it happen before or after 2012? And is it connected to the moment when the earth grid will be completed and fully operational? Or to when all or most of the 1100 will have fully awakened? In Module 2 you talked at length about 'not missing the bus'. You also said there will be more than one bus and that eventually many people will be able to 'get on a bus'. Can you please review for us WHO is to be on THE FIRST BUS and WHY it is important to be on the first bus? Any tips about MAINTAINING THE CONNECTION in a toxic or chaotic or busy situation where I can't step away for a deeper connection.  I had an experience recently and I tried staying focused on my heart center in the midst of this stormy weather of other people's creations.  After finishing the amazing  MEDITATION in module 2 of gathering all aspects of ourselves in this body-I find myself completely EXHAUSTED the next day-almost like a hangover-would this be from the energy shift of the meditation?

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