ONLINE UNIVERSITY - The Healers Program - Online Series - Module 1 (12)
ONLINE UNIVERSITY - The Healers Program - Online Series - Module 2 (9)



This Healers Program Series is designed for those interested in learning the OMnium healing modality for themselves or for working with others. The OMnium Healing Method is unique in that it uses universal frequencies (not planetary or galactic) and combines various tools simultaneously: In addition to intent, we use light, sound, geometry, zero point, grid and universal calibration, gravity pull etc. for deep cellular reprogramming, DNA reconfiguration and the permanent removal of addictions, allergies and other imbalances. The entire course curriculum is posted below.



None. Anyone can register for this class.



Each class is a 90mn audio-visual  session led by Caroline Cory, in which you can see graphics and other visual presentations, hear the class participants' questions and comments. Each class includes an audio (mp3) and audio-visual (.avi) file of the class material. 



A certificate of completion is offered to those who have purchased and completed the entire course curriculum. For more details, please e-mail


Depending on the complexity of the material, the class cost varies from $35 to $55 per class per person.





1.The OMnium Method: Healing & awakening * What is Source frequency * Raising your vibration * Aligning the energy field for proper healing * Meditation * Practice exercises

2. Your energy field: Divine DNA & human DNA * How blocks are created

* Identifying the root cause of a block * Practice exercises

3. The healer’s agreement and guidelines * Receiving guidance for healing * Practice exercises

4. Reversing blocks: Asking & intending * Practice exercises

5. Reversing blocks: Light, Geometry * Practice exercises

6. Surrogate healing & Remote healing * Practice exercises

7. Identifying and releasing attachments & Others’ frequency * Practice exercises
8. Working with special groups * Children, elderly, hospice, ADHD, autism, mental imbalances etc. * Practice exercises




9. Advanced use of intent, light / color, geometry, sound * Practice exercises

10. Zero Point healing: principles of Physical Energy – Understanding Zero Point * Practice exercises

11. Zero Point techniques: alignment, regeneration, spinning * Practice exercises

12. Balancing entire energy field and the 3 energy fields *  Vibrational entrainment * Practice exercises

13. Universal calibration * Practice exercises

14: DNA reconfiguration * Practice exercises



15. Universal coherence * Practice exercises

16. Grid calibration * Practice exercises

17. Extraction * Practice exercises

18. Group healing * Practice exercises

19. Gravity pull * Practice exercises

20. Energetic surgery * Practice exercises

21. Time / Space singularity * Practice exercises

22. Time suspension I * Practice exercises


* PLEASE NOTE: Module 3 is not being offered online at this time. It may be scheduled at a future date online or as a live event with simulcast option, in a US or European venue.

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