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I am so very grateful for your work...... 
Last Sunday's webcast was AMAZING....., really supported me with aligning with my higher divinity in a way that I have not yet experienced. Also going through the future time lines felt very opening and the clearing process and DNA alignment was Awesome!!!!!!
Thank you so very much,

Dear Caroline, 

After traveling around extensively, I finally got a chance (and internet) to do your incredibly powerful connection and healing exercise from 12/15/13, about maintaining our Universal Selves in the midst of the old paradigm. Thank you so very much for your continuing beautiful work! This one hit home so powerfully for me now, and I'm eternally grateful for you and your guidance.

Much LOVE,


Hi Caroline....oh my! Yesterday’s webcast was incredible. So powerful and beautiful!

I was completely shifted and felt everything differently after the meditation. The way things looked. Sounds were clearer. I needed to turn down the volume even on my speakers!

Very cool indeed.

And now, on we go!

Much Love,


I so much enjoy the Webcast, and meditation. Loved the energy I felt, and so many emotions came up. I don’t at all have any of the experiences you have, all the time. But there is something in me, that knows everything you say, is true, even when it is completely new to me. Thank you for being a totally clear voice, for our Divine Father. You are appreciated.


I have been listening to you since your days on World Puja and am a big fan. I certainly appreciate all that you have generously offered over the years. Yesterday was just what I needed. I had awakened in a very odd funk of energies and was looking forward to hearing what you were going to say on your broadcast. But it was what you did that made all the difference to me! I could feel healing almost immediately and I had to stay very present to keep myself aware of what you were saying. I felt like my body was brought back on line. My spine straightened, my organs felt enlivened and the stillness was so profound! I wanted to just stay in that stillness and peace, that wholeness. So I searched for the replay today and again, an amazing experience! I have been working on healing a stomach digestive issue and I felt it healed as you said to focus on the stomach. I will continue to listen to this as it feels like a sort of body adjustment that is necessary for me at this time. I just want you to know that you are having profound effects on your listeners, especially me.

Great gratitude and huge hugs,


What a profound and deep experience! I can't wait to experience the results soon. When I took humanity in my arms, I could feel all the suffering and the pain. But when we wished that all humanity desires self-healing, I felt the joy that this possibility was bringing...


Amazing.very thought provoking.,Interesting and Practical



Hello Caroline,

There is something very special I would like to share with you concerning what the Omnium Method has done for me, or rather, what I have been able to achieve thanks to the Omnium Method.

During the time period of the 10th and 11th of August I completed the 3 classes on "Clearing the Eyes".

…I already found that the first class on the eyes had a really amazing effect on me. What you said in the beginning went straight to my heart, I felt as if you were talking to me personally, as if to say, "You have made a subconscious decision to shut your eyes for the things you find hard to see in this world."

Just hearing those few sentences made tears stream down my cheeks. The meditation hadn’t even begun yet and I already felt the transformation start to happen in my eyes.

…During the meditation (experiential part) of the second class I was really yawning, I found that all that was happening was quite intense. I really felt that there was work being done on my eyes. Sometimes I felt pressure on my eyeballs or my eye muscles contracting... very powerful stuff!

After the meditation I was bursting with energy. I wanted to dance, jump, even let out shrieks of joy...

…A very noticeable physical result is that the "floaters" in my eyes that caused the vision of floating black spots... has disappeared completely! COOL!!!

…Today it’s been 6 days later and also a beautiful “side affect “is that my boyfriend started to “ see “ his situation with his father clearly. Instead of blaming him, he starts to see his part too and wants to take responsibility for his own actions!!

It’s like a ripple effect…

…I am so grateful for all of the possibilities you offer for personal and collective growth and healing, it’s extremely special.

A.V., The Netherlands

Thank you Caroline for the session yesterday. I am filled with love for my Divine Father and I feel he loves me as well!!! My heart is full of such a wonderful feeling. It is something I have never felt before. I am so grateful for your love and support for me.

With love to you,


Dear Caroline,

…Also, thank you for the private session I had few weeks ago. During the session, while you were clearing my fears, worries and frustrations as related to my prenatal contract, I felt a bigger-than-a-gulf-ball-jello-pulp popping out of my chest area. Since then, the heart palpitation and chest restriction are gone and I can breathe deeper now.

I am grateful for knowing you and for starting this new year lighter, happier, and more determined to see the light of God spread all across the earth and earth plane.



I wanted to share this quick story with you. A few years ago like 4 or 5 years ago, I had a private session with you. You told me that you saw my sister's energy in my field that was causing some type of block for me to manifest. I didn't believe you at the time because I do not have a sister, only a younger brother. I had a hard time believing you during the session and was really confused. You were adamant about seeing my sister's energy though even after I told you I don't have a sister. Anyhow, about a year after the session, I had a conversion with my mother. She told me she had a miscarriage before I was born and it was a girl. I had no idea this ever happened. You were right all along.

Apparently, you were able to see things about me I did not know about myself. This came up in a conversation with a friend yesterday and I don't think I shared with you before so I decided to write this email to you. I am sorry I ever doubted you, you are amazing.

In Love and Light,


Hello Dear Caroline,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how profound yesterday's exercise was. The clearing that you led so beautifully removed decades of old brain clutter from my previous lives of technical data and scientific formulae that I FORCED myself to TRY to remember so that I could play the role of a knowledgeable and reliably trusted expert in my Silicon Valley entrepreneurial life. Wow! What a difference!

So, thank you and it's always fun to hear your voice in these sessions. I hope you are healthy and happy.

I send you lots of love,


Hello Caroline,

The skin of my son is healing well now. It just needed some more time and I still needed to change some more towards my husband. It is all going better now. Sorry, I saw that it showed up again and I got really worried. So I send you an email a few weeks ago that it was coming back. It did, but after I changed, his skin calmed down as well.

I want to thank you so much for the healing.

D.F., The Netherlands

I had to write to thank you again for the private session you offered in September! It is amazing how much awakening has resulted from a one-hour session!

The past 3.5 months has brought layer upon layer of new understandings. As you suggested during the session, I started writing my spiritual experiences, and in a short while it turned into automatic writing (well, I practiced the MHM lesson on automatic writing few times too!). The information, which is flowing, is rapidly increasing my understanding of the Divine Plan, who I am and what I am doing. I know this is just the beginning of what I should learn and experience; however, I am happy and grateful for this reawakening to begin.
All the best for a divine 2014,


Thank you very much for this care. I had a urinary infection before the meditation and I did not have it any more later... I feel a lot better; I put myself in the action so much faster without hesitating. I am impatient to redo this meditation and also I think of following the courses

many thanks.

A.I., Belgium

Hi Caroline, the Healing Circle tonight was so powerful! I have no words to describe it. It was really 'out of this world'!

I could feel the energy in my sacred sphere and things shifting within me - my cells being updated! So exciting all these new possibilities ahead of us.

Also your explanations about why we sometimes feel 'empty' or 'depressed', or the difference between those who are still connected to the old and those who are starting to function in the new, are always bringing additional clarity on what we are going through...

Thank you for all of this.



Thank you, with so much love, for your divine direction.

The session led me from despair to delight.

Today, I truly am in a different world with love for every thing in it!

I am also in gratitude for every one on the call. It was so healing as well to know that others are having the same challenges!

I am sending you a ton of laughter and love!


M.M., Canada

Hi Caroline,What a great day I have had today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow...thank you sooooooo much for working with me this morning!! I did what you said and let Divine Father and the work absorb in me for almost an hour afterwards. I noticed today that I feel freedom, inner peace, physically more "here" and solid or full physically, and the beginnings of joy is filling in the gap for sure. This is just day one! I feel Divine Fathers love and presence and that He has always been with me. I knew the JOY was our essence and I KNEW that something was blocking this. I knew that we were intended to be what I am feeling already today...a solid inner strength of inner peaceful joy as you said "no matter what" it all appears to be or look like, no matter the outcomes. Sort of like it's "all ok". I feel a sense of freedom maybe for the first time....and this is just day one. So many deep hearted grateful thank you's to you for doing what you do for "me" "us". Opening a door, I choose to go through with your kindness and validation, hearing me out and seeing me, thank you. I feel the pressure is off of my soul knowing more of my purpose and feeling purposeful with more of an idea of my being as you helped me hear it more today.I did your 7 minute connection today. And that was even MORE different than before. I am en-joying the peace and relief of what we did today!!!! More to come I am sure....breathing easier in my body and life.

Much much love and appreciation to you,


My recent session left me feeling open with possibilities. I found the information about my brother and son being parallel aspects to be the most liberating piece of information. It shifted the energy from a "perceived" horrific human experience to an example of how the Divine Design works. LUV it.

Now that I am more able to connect with DF without so much Anger I am ready to show up and feel more of the Divine Father aspect in this human experience which also takes me to exploring my lineage. Something that I haven't been motivated to do before. It was too hard, I can't do it, who cares ... blah blah blah.

Much love to you

M.S., Sacramento, CA, USA

Dear Caroline,

Once again it is such a honor and blessing to have you for my teacher and blessed friend. Everything your session took me thru has opened and cleared the path to such a unique opportunity to renew myself from a whole different place. I cherish and sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Blessings and Love



I just did MERGING WITH THE DIVINE 03. I hadn’t done it for so long….wow! Thanks so much!


I thank you for the Sunday workshop. The day was filled with silence and I noticed that as the day went by, I felt increasing happiness in my heart. So, this was all I could ask for, to enliven so much silence and happiness for many hours.

As to the content of the workshop, I appreciated learning more about cellular memory and its role in upsurge of a thought. I realized why this memory seems to have such strong influence on our daily lives and experiences.


Dear Caroline, thank you so much for this simulcast. I am still quite speechless, and am not sure that I can find the right words to express my thoughts and feelings. It feels to me like a real eye opener, like a missing piece is now available...something important clicked inside...I don't know how else to say it... I also wished it lasted longer...maybe 2 or 3 have so much information that is invaluable that I wish you would go on and on...there is so much to learn. I appreciate your presence, your light, your knowledge and love very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Today was one of the BEST CLASSES EVER!!

It made total sense and I love to hear ‘how things work’!! Thanks so much.

But the very best part was when you explained the confusion that we feel. When you compared our experience to being actor’s in a movie and that when we are confused we are basically waiting around for something/someone outside of us to tell us what to do….well….that is when the light went on for me!!! Thank you! Thank you!

Much love,


Dear Caroline -just sending you all my love, joy and gratitude for this last week's workshop...thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I thoroughly enjoyed the event and thank you for what you are sharing.

I have been connecting with my Universal self on different occasions over the past year, and did not know what it was… it was very helpful for me to see your diagrams and understand what is happening with more clarity.

I had a wonderful connection to Source during your guided meditation, and am feeling some important shifts within my being.

In Love and Gratitude,



In a world dominated by mass media and its focus on fear and negative news that tends to contract us, it's critical that we refresh our eyes and ears with alternatives that empower us to remember our deeper identities and expand our consciousness. If we are to transform the world, we must first transform ourselves. Transformational media is designed to do just that and I am the Universe is an excellent example of transformational media that guides us on a journey into another dimension.

Through its use of organic color flows and a harmonic textured score I Am the Universe transports the viewer into the infinite, interconnected world of light and the nexus of inner and outer space, a multiverse of consciousness and is a visual ballet that empowers and reminds us of who we are beyond the idea of simply being a human in a body. It is time for humanity to be all we can be and co-create nothing less than heaven on earth. I Am the Universe is a catalyst to help us realize that vision.


Jeff Hutner, Editor

New Paradigm Digest

Extraordinary. Brilliant. Powerful.

If I had to choose a creation that most exemplifies the beauty, ease and joy of awakening now as we know is possible... it would be this incredible movie. I want to watch it over and over and over...thank you.

I experienced it with my "full being" went from opening to my full brain, to my spirit zero point and opening my full heart, and then finding that my entire being merges with the movie. I was it.

Infinite LOVE and GRATITUDE,


When watching this movie, I felt I was remembering something that was deeply buried within me. I was deeply moved as I felt that I was reconnecting with a part of me that I had completely forgotten ... It was a very profound experience of remembering and reconnecting with my true origin.

D.L., Canada

Dear Caroline,

I want to thank you on the deepest of my heart for the film "I am the Universe, I am Love"

The film has so many layers and gives so much information. …

It is amazing and together with your book and all your meditations and webcast so pure, full of love and powerful in the good aligned way!

Thank you and please go on, because our home is so pretty full of true, goodness, love and beauty.

Love and bless,

W.W., The Netherlands

…Following the movie, I was speechless, SO universally expanded and filled with indescribable LOVE & JOY. I actually was so excited, that I couldn't sleep much last night. I experienced tons of downloads, remembering aspects of Creation, and "thrill" about the Divine Plan being here & now.

Your movie is purely MAGNIFICENT. I know I will watch it dozens more times. 'Just wanted to hugely "high five" and deeply thank you for this gorgeous panegyric to Divine Father that simultaneously was a loving paean of DF for humanity.




I discovered something extraordinary this evening when I was about to sleep.

I am usually quite balanced but my sensitivity, openness and my reflectivity usually gather a lot of "noise" in my system and I have to cleanse myself energetically quite often. It works fine.This evening I was thinking of you and all the priceless healing and insights you have been giving me through your sessions and webcasts throughout the past years.And within myself I asked if all of my being would be allowed to merge with all of your being in order to cleanse my system and regain balance. Within seconds it happened and all my tensions disappeared immediately. And I gained contact with all of me, my multidimensional being.This is a known state. I just usually don't get into that state by merging with other people :-)…I would just like to use this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for all your profound healing and enlightenment you have brought to me here on Earth. It has been crucial for me to have found you. Now times are new. I am new. But at a certain period it was crucial for me to benefit from your work. I will never forget that. Not in this, nor in other lifetimes.I bring you my love and my blessings for you and your dear ones.

S.C.D., Denmark

I enjoyed the 3 ‘OMnium-days’ in the Netherlands! Feels like a turning point to me. Like I’m now living in a brighter daylight! I also had a bad cold and upcoming emotions of deep sadness and anger, the week after the workshops. Then I did the session Heart-lungs-relationship-with-Creator again and released so much, so deep. I took my 12-year old daughter with me to your film, she had a great experience! She also received much more clarity about relations with friends and herself. Amazing! She took actions and showed how she wants to be free and be herself among others.

In the workshop New Paradigm Education I asked for ‘new stories’ (for children, adults, with adventure, joy, creation …). I felt energy coming through my whole body, like different ranges of colors. Very bright!

Thank you for your infinite Love and powerful information!


S., The Netherlands

Caroline, you are so amazing at the facilitation and creativity.

Thank you again for the wonderful gifts you bring,


Hi Caroline, I almost didn't write, because of knowing you receive so much mail.  Just want to say, I have studied for many years, and besides the Tibetan Foundation, that was in Arizona in the 80's, nothing has stretched me so much, or interested me, as much as what you make available. 

It is like I created a foundation, and your guidance is the next level.  Feel very fortunate to know about your site. Also, my daughter and I received a lot from our session with you, and can feel the potential the information holds for us.  We are both doing the " Connecting To Source" every day.  Mainly just want to say, there are many that appreciate you, and we are two of them.


 S.C., USA

It was wonderful to meet with you last week, both at the 1st Viewing of the Movie and than the second time at the New Life Expo. Where do I begin....ah, maybe with "Grateful", for this present moment of us coming together. I am honoured that God has sent you. I have also dived deep into your book "God Among Us", which also is having deep and a wonderful connecting impact for me. I could go on....but I am sure you know by now why we have come together.


I'm listening/watching the DVD Omnium-Multimedia Meditations daily. I was listening to a meditation that you did on World Puja. I find that I'm sleeping better which is a real nice benefit. I enjoyed the teleconference. Thanks for putting it on.


I loved the meditation. I love Caroline's meditations more than any I have ever done.

I am using the white blanket in more and more meditations. It feels so good and comforting.

No will to change anything other than blanket an area or people with the white blanket.

Thank you so much Caroline.

I also found another meditation very powerful with the royal blue and silver light......very powerful. I had the best nights sleep after that meditation. I am feeling more grounded, calm and at peace with whatever is going on around me.

Much Love,


Caroline, I recently discovered you on The New World Puja Network and have been working with your meditations. Thank you for being with mankind at this time.


Hello Caroline,

I want to take a moment to thank you for sharing your beautiful body of work, guidance and wisdom over the years. 

As always, I received quite a bit from Friday’s class session.

…I have been integrating my understandings with myself and patients since. I am closely aligned with your work and enjoy your classes so much that I am drawn and guided to sign up for your classes. I am so happy that I signed up for Master Your Guidance, as the class felt fresh and updated/graded to present time. I experienced quite a bit of insight, validation and readiness to release and fill in with new, and I did...Thank you!

I am blessed to live a contemplative conscious life from a very young age. My life and being has been significantly elevated since I first took your class in 2011. Your body of work and classes are integral for my growth as well as supporting others in moving forward.  

In Gratitude and Love,


Thank you so much Caroline, for making my life so interesting and exciting, with all the information, from your own experience of it.  It really does allow one to design a whole new kind of human.  I love knowing there is information, and the steps, to devote the rest of this incarnation, to eternal living, that alters a superficial human, to one that adds awareness to Self, and also is a gift to humanity.

There are no words to express, how much you add, to lifting individual lives, and all of Creation. I have a heart full of gratitude for you. The Webinar was wonderful.


I am thrilled by Caroline’s information, creation etc. since the film.

It was all new to me and it is exactly what I was looking for.

It is like coming home.

Thank you and warm regards

K.V., The Netherlands

Dear everyone at Omnium and everyone who makes it possible for the Omnium method and consciousness to spread throughout this world...

I just really want to express my gratitude towards Caroline and all of you AND actually also towards myself as I am so happy I put this in my life story that my life events would put me at the right place and time to attract this work...

You see it has been 4 years now since I started my Omnium journey and the life I imagined has manifested and continues to do so!

I chose a whole bunch of human experiences to master and it has been and still is an amazing experience. Eating and personality disorders, addictions of all kinds, unhealthy relationships, cocktails of medication and now ..... well.....

the transmutation of my life is beyond amazing.

I know that photos are just looks... but even if you just merge with the picture of me in 2011 and the one from today...

you can feel that there has been an upgrade...

It actually feels like complete different incarnations to be honest.

Infinite love,

D.W., the Netherlands

On this Thanksgiving day when we reflect upon all that we are thankful for, I would like to say how grateful I am for your teachings and support over the years. You have influenced my very existence in such a fundamental way. I am very thankful for you Caroline. I really felt I needed to express this.



Hi Caroline! Thank you for providing these classes. First of all, they are so fun to participate in! Secondly and maybefirst as well....the "afterward" affects are so interesting. I felt after this latest one a feeling of "grounding" and "seeing the Truth" of this earth and this life collectively that I have not felt before. Sobering and freeing at the same time. That feeling these Truths of a troubled planet was not something to fear but to face and still remain grounded, not something to run from or as you said trying as we all have to stayin the "bliss" but to see it and still be able to BE. Everything you said even to the last sentence beforwe ended our call sticks with me. I also have noticed with these "explorations" a sense of awe and purposefulness. In this last session on Thursday, I felt that the "being" said to me "I am purposeful and so are you". I didn't feel a kinship of sorts with him but he seemed to have shared that. I also felt immediately that he was cleaning the planet of toxins...I like the others wanted to not feel his "feelings" as it was difficult but at the same time it was sobering what he is doing for us all. With the previous classes I felt a new sense of self confidence and again grounded like never before.

I listen to your sessions daily since I started studying with you in early 2009. I love your work and I step into experiencing it before I talk of it. Thank you for your continuous love and care for us and this planet and all you have done and do to make this an easier ride. I truly appreciate your work and what you give to us.

C.W., USA 

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